Sabich Music, a music publisher in Israel & Greece

Sabich Music is an independent music publishing company with an office in Israel and representation in Berlin, Germany.

Founded in 2008 by Julia Burzan and Eran Zehavi, Sabich Music is offering an alternative to the existing market of music publishers in Israel as well as in the Middle East. In October 2009 Sabich music gained a publisher membership in AEPI, the Greek society. This step taken in order to make sure our clients copyrights in the Greek territories are properly managed.

Following this step and local market changes we have taken a strategic decision to keep on expanding into new territories in the middle east and east Europe. Powered with fresh energetic stuff we are stepping into 2015 with our new vision.

Sabich Music is a growing company and here exactly you will find our advantage, as a client we will be there for you at no time, as a writer you can be sure your rights are well protected all over the world and as a publisher you can be sure your administrated works are handled in very good care.

Sabich Music is the new independent music publisher in the Mediterranean area. Our well established connections with sub publishers in Europe and USA promise peace of mind for our writers and composers.

If you haven't done it so far, this is the time to join the Sabich music!