Music Publishers from all around the world become Sabich Music partners because they find Sabich Music as a cozy home for their music rights management and administration.

We are in close and warm relations with our societies, ACUM and AEPI, any request is a matter of a short time response.

We offer:

Competitive commission rate

Enjoy one of the most favorable commission rate in the market

territorial capabilities

sub-publishing agreement in our societies and partners around the world

Quarterly distribution reports

Very detailed distribution report delivered along with quarterly summary


Every quarter via wire transfer or paypal

If you are not yet convinced, give us a call or write us via the contact us form on the right. Your copyrights are in good hands.

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Abood Music (UK) 1169
Bonatarda (Spain) 882
Collect!© Music Publishers (BeNeLux) 1153
Native Tongue (Australia and New Zealand) 1169
Pacific Moon (Japan) 1061
Reformation Music (UK) 1008
Rock and Roll Stew Music (UK) 944
Selectracks (USA) 1034
Sindee Levin Music (USA) 983