Music 2 Deal - Israel

What is Music 2 Deal?

Music2Deal is the community for the international music industry where labels, musicians, managers, producers and anyone who works in this industry can meet and deal with music.
It is a closed B2B community and each registration is checked by local representatives who are representing that particular area or country.
Music2Deal has more than 10,.000 visits every month and over 6,.000 music industry professionals registered as members.

Why should I join Music 2 Deal?

A unique feature of Music2Deal is its international network of music professionals, its ease of access to other members, and the ability to post songs or needs by members within the industry.

I'm a member of so many social networks...

In the music industry, networking is key. That is why Music2Deal also now enables users to link their profile to other social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.

How much does it cost?

Although we recommend to purchase a premium membership, registration and making contacts are completely FREE OF CHARGE!

Alright, how to register?

Simply click this button: